L’Architettura degli Alberi

C. Leonardi e F. Stagi

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Scuola Archivio Leonardi is an independent school established to disseminate the working methods developed by Cesare Leonardi (architect, city planner, designer, artist), and his "transverse" approach characterized by a capacity to develop unique ideas in different disciplinary spheres.



The School is led by Archivio Leonardi, an association founded in 2010 by architects and Cesare Leonardi’s former collaborators, dedicated to the protection, cataloguing, and divulgation of the works preserved in his home and studio in Modena. 



Cesare Leonardi’s research work on Solids and Trees represent a practical application field for the students and a possible interpretation of contemporary dynamics.

Who is it for

The school targets young students, designers, and researchers who want to develop an individual project through a multidisciplinary approach in the fields of architecture, design, artisan manufacture, and the transformation of the urban and surrounding landscape.

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How to apply

Submit your project, implemented or not, concerning craftsmanship and/or landscape.
10 selected participants for each Module, Solids and Trees, could concretely experience Cesare Leonardi’s method and develop their individual project by relating to its work.

Programme 2019-2020

Application deadline September 30, 2019


October 22 - January 17

Module TREES

March 17 - June 12


Professors of the School

Scholarship and facilities

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Project supported by Fondazione Unipolis

A unique opportunity

  • to advance your research experimenting with a different methodological approach

  • to develop practical attitudes and manual skills

  • to highlight an artistic dimension applied to design

  • to learn about the work of a 20th century “Maestro”

  • to have a work space and the equipment for developing your project


Each Module offers to the students

  • 4 weeks of intense teaching

  • 128 lesson hours, workshops and support on developing the individual project

  • 2 complementary courses of 16 hours each during the weekend

  • a work space always open and accessible

  • a supporting program of guided tours and lectures open to the public

Open activities

The School organizes activities open to the public as opportunities for comparing and learning on covered topics: lectures, talks, workshops, guided tours, activities for kids. The program is available on the website.

Contact us for further informations or suggest new initiatives.


news / Nous Les Arbres

Foundation Cartier, July 12 - November 10, 2019

lecturers / Stefano Mancuso

If you want to schedule a tour to one of Cesare Leonardi’s projects contact us

past events / Antonio Verolino art gallery

May 18, 2019

workshop / Carpinus Betulus 16X3

May 12-18, 2019

tour / Mescoli-Goich house

If you want to schedule a tour to one of Cesare Leonardi’s projects contact us

education / Workshops for kids

The School organizes trees drawing laboratories for students from elementary to high school. Contact us for info and costs

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